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    • il_570xN.187516398

      Flute or Glass Engraving

    • il_570xN.154027626

      Wedding Fall Toasting Flutes, Swarovski Crystals, Set of Two

    • il_570xN.449677956_f0rq

      Wedding Anniversary Champagne Pink Tinted Flutes, Opals and Crystals Set of Two

    • il_570xN.154025923

      Fall Leaves Flutes – Hand Painted and Embellished with Swarovski Crystals – Set of Two Champagne Glasses

    • il_570xN.121372553

      Hydrangea Toasting Flutes – Set of Two Champagne Glasses – Hand-Painted

    • il_570xN.165107721

      Champagne Toasting Flutes – Set of 2 – Aurora Borealis Swarovski Crystal Embellishments

    • il_570xN.123287276

      Toasting Champagne Flutes – Hand Painted Blush Pink and Spring Green Pearl Leaf – Set of Two

    • il_570xN.187510051

      Hand Painted Crystal Cream Rose Toasting Flutes Set of Two

    • il_570xN.289450487

      Tropical Wedding Flutes, Anniversary Flutes, Toasting Flutes, Destination Wedding Champagne Glasses – Hand Painted Champagne Glasses

    • il_570xN.93426851

      Set of Flutes – Hand Painted Purple Flower and Yellow Rose – Champagne Glasses

    • il_570xN.289453075

      Hand Painted Tiffany Blue and Cream Pearl Champagne Flutes

    • il_570xN.118273435

      Floral Wine Glasses – Set of Two – Hand Painted Purple Flower and Yellow Rose

    • il_570xN.480636074_mc8i

      Hand Painted Amethyst Wine glasses, Wedding Toasting Glasses, Anniversary Wine Glasses, All Purpose Wine Glass, Swarovski Crystals,

    • il_570xN.662143258_qirh

      Wedding Wine Glasses, Anniversary Wine Glasses, Hand Painted Swarovski Crystals, and Flowers Toasting Wine Glasses, Set of Two

    • il_570xN.102803735

      Hand Painted Red Rose Bud Wine Glasses Set of Two

    • il_570xN.194945095

      Hand Painted Grape Vine Wine Glasses Set of Two

    • il_570xN.93428994

      Hand Painted Red Rose Bud Wine Glasses

    • il_570xN.265557633

      Cake Serving Set with Matching Wedding Crystal Champagne Toasting Flutes painted in Silver and White Leaf Design

    • il_570xN.289424711

      Hand Painted Red and Gold Sparkle Martini Glasses

    • il_570xN.93220392

      Hand Painted Covered Butter Dish

    • il_570xN.662272065_b6pf

      Hand Painted Cake Dome, Butter Dish, Candle Holder, Wedding Favor, Anniversary, Gift, Cupcake Holder, Wedding Decor, Party Dish

    • il_570xN.93430392

      Hand Painted Purple Flower and Yellow Rose Coffee Mugs

    • il_570xN.187513450

      Tiffany Blue Flutes – Set of Two Sparkly Flower Champagne Glasses

    • il_570xN.365757928_kuoq

      Champagne Glasses- Bronze , Champagne Flutes, Hand Painted Toasting Glasses, Anniversary Champagne Glasses, Fall Wedding Champagne Glasses

    • il_570xN.175015408

      Halloween Champagne Flutes – Champagne Glasses, Toasting Flutes, Anniversary Glasses – Spiders Web and Vines – Purple, Orange and Black

    • il_570xN.121378828

      Tuscany Champagne Flutes – Hand Painted with Grape Vines – Set of 2 – BEST SELLER

    • il_570xN.289420901

      Wedding Toasting Flutes – Handpainted White Calla Lily Champagne Glasses , Champagne Glasses, Champagne Flutes, Anniversary Champagne Flutes

    • il_570xN.169334566

      Wedding Champagne Flutes, Anniversary Champagne Glasses, Toasting Flutes, – Swarovski Crystal and White Pearl – Set of Two – Hand Painted

    • il_570xN.188194232

      Wedding Toasting Glasses, Anniversary Toasting Flutes, Champagne Butterfly Toasting Glasses – Hand Painted Crystal Butterflies – Set of Two

    • il_570xN.176009676

      Wedding Holiday Red Swarovski Crystal Champagne Flutes Set of Two

    • il_570xN.365796751_hzuf

      Wedding Toasting Flutes Hand Painted Swarovski Crystals Set of Two


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